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Frequently Asked Questions 


The Happy Traveler US (THT)


How will I get from the airport to meet the group?

We will be at the airport to pick you up!

All details and instructions on how and where to meet the group will be provided, well in advance of the start date of the program

When can I arrange for Air tickets?

You will receive an email ASAP and not later than early spring to announce that the minimum number of participants (20) has been met, and when to purchase your flights. Through our trusted affiliates we will be happy to recommend air tickets and travel insurance.

Be sure to fly to Europe at least 24 hours before the program begins. 

For more information please contact Rosemary at

Can THT help me purchase my air tickets?

The Happy Traveler US trips are land-only programs. Air ticketing is the responsibility of the participant. However, if you would like assistance purchasing air tickets, just email Rosemary and she will help you!

Which meals are included on the trip?

Breakfast is provided each day of the program, as well as a few group dinners. Lunches are not included in this program but time will be allotted each day for lunch. Note, drinks are not included.

Are tips and gratuities included in the cost of the trip?


Gratuities are included for group meals, tour guides, and bus drivers.

Will we be traveling with other groups?


This is a private and personalized tour solely for The Happy Traveler US! However, we may utilize some public transportation when that makes sense, such as trains or public ferries, or boats.

How many people will be in our Happy Traveler US group?

We are estimating we will have a group of 15 to 25  Happy Travelers on our trip. Once a minimum of 20 participants is reached, participants will be notified, and air tickets should be purchased.  The cost of the trip is usually based on 20 participants.

Is the tour guaranteed to go forward or will that depend on a minimum number of participants? When will this be confirmed?

The cost of our program is based on a minimum of 25 participants.

We are confident that we will have plenty of Happy Traveler US' on this trip but the trip may not go ahead if there are not enough participants. If the trip is canceled because of low enrollment your payments will be fully refunded, of course.

Will we have free time on the trip?


Whenever possible we offer some free time during the trip in most locations. 


Most tours do not begin until approx.10:00 in the morning...we are on vacation, some free time to do as you please is a wonderful thing! Some of our Happy Travelers are runners, morning exercisers, or just love to have a leisurely morning! We have found late morning start to most of our days works really well for our happy group! There will be some exceptions to this late morning start, especially on travel days. You will always be made aware of our day-to-day meeting times and locations.

Should you desire more free time or time on your own please feel free to take it, this is YOUR trip! Do make Rosemary and or Dimitri of The Happy Traveler US aware of your plan so they will know you are well and happy.

I have dietary restrictions, can these be accommodated?

We will do our best to inform restaurants in advance of your request, but cannot guarantee accommodation. 

Will there be much walking as I have a mobility issue?

Although we will travel via private coach (bus) and sometimes by train /boat/ferry there are several walking tours and visits to sites that will require walking.

The Happy Traveler US contends the best way to know a country is to see it on foot. It is important that you are able to walk at a brisk pace. Though we will stop to listen to our guides along the way, we will often be on our feet and on the move for a few hours at a time, nearly each day of our trip.

Please note: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is not applicable outside the USA. 


This trip does not include the portage of your luggage, so make it easy on yourself,

pack light!

I would like to stay on and travel independently after the trip is complete, will that be possible?

Yes. When the trip concludes you are free to continue traveling as you please. In addition, some of our Happy Traveler US' on this trip will be arriving before the trip begins. Please let The Happy Traveler US know if we can offer any assistance with your independent travel plans. If we are able, we will be happy to assist. 

Is my place on the trip guaranteed?

When the minimum amount of participants is reached, you have paid your initial deposit completed, signed, and emailed/mailed your registration form, then your place is saved! Please see the cancelation policy for more information.

Participation is on a first come first serve basis. We have room for 25 Happy Travelers on this program!


My passport will expire AFTER we return from our trip, is that ok?


Buyer beware!

  • Your passport MUST be current for 6 months AFTER the date you arrive back in the USA.
  • If it expires while abroad you will not be admitted back into the USA with an expired passport.
  • NOTE: Airlines will sell you a ticket EVEN if the country traveling to won't allow you in the country due to a passport that may expire sooner than the requisite 6-month timeline....buyer beware!

Can I use my American ATM/Debit card while abroad?


Please do!

  • Check to be sure that your credit and debit cards will not expire while abroad.
  • Alert your debit card and credit card companies or banks that you will be traveling abroad.
  • Be sure your credit and debit cards won't expire for at least 3 months AFTER you return to the USA.
  • To access your CHECKING account abroad, be sure your debit card's pin code is not longer than 4 digits. Some countries do not allow pin codes longer than 4 digits.
  • Your checking account is from a major bank.
  • It is NOT possible to access a savings account while abroad. Check with your banker to be sure you will be able to use your ATM/Debit card while abroad.
  • FYI Credit Unions often offer the lowest (or no) fee for currency exchange and ATM usage fees.

    Savings accounts can not be accessed while traveling abroad

Do you recommend Travelers Checks?


The most convenient and cost-effective way to access money while abroad is through the use of a debt/ATM card.

Simply stick your American Debt/ATM card into a European ATM machine and out comes... euro!

Before embarking on the trip The Happy Traveler US will email an information sheet called "Money Matters"


I was born outside of the USA. Do I need a visa for the county(s) we are visiting?

If you have a non-USA passport or are a non-USA resident it is your responsibility to discover all necessary travel documents. If you discover a Visa is needed please be sure you apply for one immediately. Be sure to allow ample time to receive your proper travel documents and provide a copy of them to The Happy Traveler US.

Can I use my American cell phone while abroad?

Yes, but be sure to check with your provider for roaming charges and costs. You may need to temporarily shut off your voicemail to not incur additional costs. 

Recommended: sign up for the app WhatsApp for free texting while abroad. This is a good way to stay in touch with THT group leader Rosemary.


Where can I purchase personal Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is highly recommended. Take a look at to compare several different companies.

Rosemary will be purchasing travel insurance with Trawick Safe Travels Explorer FYI


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