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Invites you to

Beautiful and Historic









June 10-24, 2024


Welcome to Croatia!


You are just about to take one of the most memorable trips to a beautiful country that for many years was under the radar.

Croatia is truly a wonderful destination and offers almost everything: rich history, culture, arts, architecture, ancient monuments

(7 UNESCO sites), beautiful countryside, the Adriatic Sea with its beautiful and rugged Dalmatian Coast and more than 1200

islands, ideal Mediterranean climate, gourmet food, excellent wines, and wonderful, warm and friendly people. Until 1991

Croatia was part of former Yugoslavia along with 5 other new countries: Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and

Bosnia & Herzegovina. The bloody Balkan conflict of 1991-95 that took more than 250 000 lives, caused the break-up of

Yugoslavia and 6 new countries were born. Croatia and Slovenia eventually became part of the EU.


You may be surprised by how beautiful Croatia is, a typical comment by a first-time visitor: “WOW! I did not know that

Croatia is so beautiful and has so much to offer.”


Our trip consists of two parts: Land portion and island-hopping by hydrofoil. In addition, for some special experiences

that deserve detailed explanations, separate pamphlets will be provided.


Traveling with The Happy Traveler US


The minute you land in Croatia, The Happy Traveler US will be there for you and will virtually “hold your hand” during

the entire trip.  We do all the planning, and thinking! Except for airfare, travel insurance, and a few meals, we include

everything in the cost of the trip...even gratuities so you can just relax and enjoy the trip and the other Happy Travelers!


Day to Day



Day 1-Monday June 10


Accommodation: (2 nights) Hotel Esplanade 5-star

Meals: None

Transportation: Private transfer from ZAG airport to hotel

Distance: 11 miles (30 min.)

Activities: None, relax and get on Croatian time as best you can!


  • Upon arrival in Zagreb, our representative will meet you and provide a private transfer to our hotel. Due to varying flight arrivals, no activities

  • will be scheduled for this day.


Day 2-Tuesday June 11


Accommodation: Hotel Esplanade

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Transportation: By private vehicle

Distance:  15 min.

Activities: Champagne breakfast, city tour, and welcome dinner


10:00 After breakfast:

  • Meet in the lobby so we can take a walking tour of Zagreb with a local guide. She will take us to all the interesting points, museums and tell us

  • the history of this vibrant city.

  • On our tour, we will visit all the major historical and cultural attractions and points of interest, which are within walking distance.

  • Also, we will visit the Croatian Museum of Naïve Art.  Naïve art is very popular in Croatia and originated in the vicinity of Zagreb

  • about 75 years ago. According to local historians, on long winter nights several peasant farmers without formal education in art, ventured

  • into depicting farm life and painting village motifs. Their art became an instant hit and more and more farmers began to paint and sculpt.

  • Today, some of those farmer/artists earn more money from their artwork than they will from farming.

  • After the city tour, the balance of the day is free so we can enjoy this vibrant city!


6:00 PM

  • Our driver will pick us up at our hotel and take us to a traditional restaurant for our welcome dinner.


WELCOME DINNER will be served at the “Stari Puntijar” (pron. poon-tee-yar), one of the oldest and most interesting restaurants in Zagreb.

This restaurant hosted many popular personalities including Pope John Paul II when he visited Croatia in September of 1994. The owners of

this restaurant also have one of the richest cookbooks libraries, cooking paraphernalia, and menus from all over the world. They have also the

smallest cookbook in the world. The family cellar contains some of the rarest wines and here, Chef Zlatko will perform a ceremonial Champagne

bottle opening with a sword. Dinner features a selection of Croatian specialties, and culinary creations, reflecting the local gastronomy cooked by

master chef/owner Zlatko> There we will have a wine tasting of some typical Croatian, locally grown and produced wines; Grasevina, Traminer,

Riesling etc.


About Zagreb

Zagreb is one of 10 “must-see” places in Croatia. To learn more about Zagreb:

Zagreb, having been under Austro-Hungarian rule for many centuries, shows their influence in such ways as architecture, culture, cuisine, industry

and the general quality of life.

The city's architecture resembles the buildings of Vienna, Budapest, or Munich, thus earning   Zagreb the nickname of “Little Vienna.”


Day 3-Wednesday June 12


Accommodation: (2 nights) Marina Hotel 4-star

Meals: Breakfast

Transportation: By private vehicle

Distance: 107miles (2.0h)

Activities: Tour


10:00: After breakfast, we will check out and hit the road to the Northern Adriatic city of Opatija.

  • Upon check-in at our hotel and brief refreshment, we will take a (1-hr) walking tour of Opatija with our local guide, Maria.

  • The rest of the day and evening are free for us to enjoy beautiful Opatija!

  • Dining suggestions will be provided.


About Opatja:

Opatija (oh-pa-tee-yah) is the most elegant resort town on the entire Adriatic.  Opatija was in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries the winter playground

of European nobility.  In long winter months, European royalty and aristocracy flocked to this little warm Mediterranean spa-resort town resembling

Monte Carlo. The rich and famous of Europe at that time came to Opatija.  Many hotels, villas, and mansions built to accommodate that nobility are

still here and accommodate thousands of tourists visiting Opatija every year. We will be staying in one of those hotels built by the Austrians. Opatija

is the birthplace of scientist Leo Henrik Sternbach, the inventor of many medications and drugs including, valium.  To learn more about



DAY 4-Thursday June 13


Accommodation: Marina Hotel

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Transportation: by private car 

Distance: 110 miles

Activities: Tour, truffle hunting, wine tasting and dinner


Time TBA: After breakfast at our hotel in Opatija we will take a full-day excursion “Circle of Istria” with a private car and private local guide.

  • We will start with the city of Pula, home to the best-preserved Roman amphitheater

Our tour continues:

  • Next, we drive to Rovinj (30 min), said to be the most picturesque town in the whole of the Mediterranean.

  • We will take a walking tour of about 1 hour. It’s an easy-to-moderate walk with some steps.

Then on to Central Istria

  • Visit to boutique wineries (see below).

  • Next, we will visit Motovun, one of the most interesting little hill towns in this part of Europe.

  • Truffle hunting (see below).

  • We will settle in a restaurant with not only one of the best truffle cuisines but also with a spectacular view. We will enjoy a leisurely

  • truffle dinner with local wines.


About Pula

Mario Andretti was born here!

During their dominance in the Mediterranean, the Romans built about 35 amphitheaters. Except for five or six, they were all completely

destroyed. While the Roman Coliseum is the biggest, Pula Amphitheater is the best preserved. It is still today used for civic events, including

the annual Croatian Summer Film Festival.  Just outside Pula, there is a small archipelago Briuni where several very beautiful islands are located.

 One of those islands was the summer residence of former Yugoslav president Tito. Ironically, not far from it, another island called Goli Otok

(Denuded Island) used to house political prisoners, those opposing Tito’s communist regime. Pula is one of 10 “must-see” places in Croatia

(Sting’s favorite)

To learn more about Pula:


About Rovinj:

Rovinj is one of the 10 “must-see” places in Croatia.

Rovinj is an “artist’s town” a typical Venetian-style small town with a cathedral set on the top of the hill dominating the entire area with its tiny

streets circling the hill and intersecting like a spider’s web. The town was started by the Venetians in the late 12th century and today is one of

the most desired destinations in Croatia. Its picturesque and charming appeal continues to draw more and more artists every year from around

the globe.

About Central Istria

This is truffle and wine country!

The entire Central Istria was nicknamed “Croatian Tuscany” since it is very reminiscent of that famous Italian region around Chianti known for

having a large variety of wine and olive oil. If you like Tuscany, you’ll love Istria.


Central Istria’s fertile land was one of the breadbaskets of the Old Roman Empire. They called it “Istria Nobilissima” (Bountiful Istria) for it

produced almost anything the mighty Empire needed.  But the real Renaissance of Istria came just at the turn of our last century. It all started in


1999 when a young man by the name of Giancarlo Zigante stumbled upon the largest white truffle ever found anywhere in the world. While the

normal, average size of the white truffle is no bigger than a fist and weighs just a few ounces, this one weighed almost three pounds. White truffle

(Tuber magnatum) and Black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) are fungi in the mushroom family that grow about 4 to 10 inches under the surface

of the earth. Specially trained dogs or pigs are needed to detect them since we humans do not have such a strong sense of smell.   


Mr. Zigante registered his find in the Guinness Book of World Records, and so he became one of the richest men in Croatia. Today he is a

multi-millionaire with several stores selling truffle products, olive oils, and wines. He also owns one of the best restaurants specializing in

truffle dishes where we will have dinner. This discovery catapulted Istria onto the world scene of gourmet destinations and it became the

newest culinary frontier. Foodies and truffle lovers started flocking to the area in big numbers, giving a boost to the local economy. Visitors

who came for truffles also discovered some of the best wines, olive oils, and prosciutto. Hundreds of small, boutique wineries sprouted up quickly.

Numerous olive oil producers today sell some of the world's best olive oils. As part of exploring the delights of the Central Istria area, we will travel

along the route of numerous small, family-run boutique wineries.


  • We will stop at some of these family-run wineries to taste excellent Istrian Malvasia or Teran wines.

  • We are going on a “truffle safari,” with our own licensed (yes, you need to be licensed to hunt for truffle) truffle hunter, Nikola. He will meet us

  • with his dogs and take us into the forest where truffles are usually found. He will demonstrate how is truffle hunting is done and will explain

  • this prized ingredient.


Day 5-Friday June 14


Accommodation: (1 night) Degenija Hotel 4-star

Meals: Breakfast

Transportation: By private vehicle

Distance:  88 miles (2:30h ride)

Activities: Sightseeing of lakes, touring the countryside


10:00: After breakfast and check-out from the hotel:

  • We depart for Plitvice Lakes National Park (pleet-vee-tseh).

  • We will go directly to our new hotel and after check-in, we will take a leisurely, guided walking tour of the lakes and enjoy the natural beauty of

  • the setting. Well-maintained paths, wooden boardwalks, and bridges make it easy to walk around. Our walk will give a pretty good idea of what

  • this beautiful park is all about.

  • Then the day is free to enjoy!


About Plitvice Lakes

It is one of 10 “must-see” places in Croatia and Europe.

Imagine sixteen pristine lakes set one above the other, connected by exploding waterfalls and cascades and all nestled in a jungle-like environment,

resplendent with a green native landscape. This unique natural endowment was proclaimed a UNESCO world heritage monument, the only natural

monument in Croatia under UNESCO’s protection. Not to be missed! 

To learn more about Plitvice Lakes:

Day 6-Saturday June 15


Accommodation: (2 nights) The Boutique Hotel Jupiter Palace in the Heart of the city-Diocletian’s Palace (shown above) 4-star

Meals: Breakfast

Transportation: By private vehicle

Distance:  145 miles (3:30 h) to Split

Activities: Transfer to Split for free time


10:00: After breakfast and check-out we departure to Zadar, a 1:30hr drive

  • In Zadar where we will have an hour-long city tour. Zadar is an ancient city dating back to Greek and Roman times. Here we will have time for lunch

  • Next, we are off to Split, the trip will be approximately 2 hours. After hotel check-in, the balance of the afternoon and evening are free in

          beautiful Split

  • Local staff will be on hand to assist with suggestions and dining reservations

Day 7-Sunday June 16


Accommodation: Boutique Hotel Jupiter

Meals: Breakfast

Transportation: N/A

Distance:  none

Activities: Split City and Diocletian’s Palace walking tour


10:00: After breakfast at our hotel…

  • We will take a walking city tour of Split and its historic Diocletian’s Palace with a private local guide.

  • After our tour the balance of the late afternoon and evening are free.

  • Dining suggestions will be provided.


About Split

Split is the largest city on the Dalmatian Coast and is Dalmatia’s economic, political, and cultural center. 

However, Split is best known for its acclaimed Diocletian’s Palace which was built by the Roman Emperor

Diocletian at the turn of the 4th century AD. Emperor Diocletian was born in the Roman city of Salona (today’s Split,

Croatia). Croatians say he was the mightiest Roman Emperor.

Emperor Diocletian is known for three things:

  • Roman Emperor who brought the Roman Empire to its largest size

  • Roman Emperor who broke the Roman Empire in two parts: Western and Eastern (later became known as Byzantine)

  • The only Roman Emperor who voluntarily relinquished his reign, he simply retired


Diocletian Palace is one of Croatia’s 7 UNESCO Heritage Monuments and one of the 10 “must-see” places in Croatia.

For more information see, (


While still in power between years 284-305 AD, Roman emperor Diocletian ordered the building of this enormous palace at his beloved Dalmatia

in anticipation of his retirement. The Palace today known as “Diocletian’s Palace” is the largest Roman palace ever built anywhere in Roman Empire.

The building of this enormous structure (roughly 4 square blocks) began in the year 295 AD. It was partially completed by the time Diocletian retired

in 305 and he lived in it even though the Palace was never completed during his lifetime. He died in year 312 AD and the Palace was finished 15 or

so years after his death.


Today there are more than 100 houses and structures within the Palace. Today, more than 500 Split residents live within the Palace. 


In addition, there are numerous little shops, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes including 5 little boutique hotels (including ours) all connected with

tiny, narrow cobblestone streets squeezed in the Palace. Split’s main promenade, which is closed to traffic. This is the best place to sit over drinks

or coffee and people watching. Since the Palace is in the heart of the city and no traffic enters the Palace nor is allowed in the city center, walking is

the only means of transportation.

Also in Split, The Mestrovic Gallery:

Ivan Mestrovic (mesh-tro-vich) was a Croatian peasant sculptor who eventually came to the United States and taught sculpture at Syracuse and

Notre Dame Universities. Acclaimed sculptor Rodin acquired some of Mestrovic’s artwork for his private collection. The Mestrovic Gallery is just

outside the Split city center. To learn more about Split:

Day 8-Monday June 17


Accommodation: (2 nights) Beachfront Hotel Amfora 4-star

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Transportation: by public hydrofoil and private vehicle

Distance:  55 minutes

Activities: Excursion and traditional Croatian dinner at The Lost Forgotten Village


Time TBA: After breakfast and check out, our baggage will be transferred to Split Port just a few steps from our hotel

  • We walk to the hydrofoil dock


11:00: Departure by hydrofoil to Hvar (1.00h. ride)

  • Upon arrival in Hvar, there will be a service to transfer your bags to our nearby hotel.

  • We will walk along the beachfront for 10 minutes to reach our hotel

  • The rest of the day is free to enjoy this beautiful place!


4:00: Meet in the lobby of our hotel…

  • Jana, our local guide and your “cousin” in Hvar. She will take us on a (1:00h) walking tour of this beautiful city.

  • After the city tour, our driver will come and take us to The Lost Forgotten Village in the island’s interior (30 min. drive). This abandoned

  • village, once a habitat to descendants of British families Tudor and Chamberlain resembles a movie set from some adventure movie like

  • “Indiana Jones” or “Lost City.”


Time TBA: Dinner- Mr. Berti Tudor who was featured in New York Times will host a traditional Croatian dinner where food is prepared in the old,

traditional Croatian way on an open fire (“ispod peke”). What a unique experience!

  • After dinner, we will be driven back to our hotel.

Day 9-Tuesday June 18


Accommodation: Beachfront Hotel Amfora

Meals: Breakfast

Transportation: By private boat

Distance:  1:15h each way

Activities: Full-day excursion by boat. Time for swimming! If you like, bring your swimming suit.


10:00: After a lavish breakfast at our hotel:

  • We will be picked up at our hotel by our skipper and taken on a full-day boat excursion to the Island of Vis, Blue Grotto, Bisevo and Pakleni islands.

  • Blue Grotto is a must-see place for every visitor to the Island of Vis. The blue color of the Adriatic is magnified by the penetration of sun and light

  • through a small opening in the cave, a breathtaking phenomenon. Vis is the most remote Croatia island, and it was used as a set for the filming

          of “Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again” movie with Meryl Streep, Cher, Andy Garcia, and others.

  • After touring Vis and Blue Grotto, we will tour other neighboring islands on the Croatian Adriatic coastline.

  • Time for swimming is allotted if you so choose, with a day at the beach.

  • We will return to our hotel in the late afternoon where the rest of the day and evening are free


Day 10-Thursday June 19


Accommodation: (2 nights) Liburna Hotel 4-star

Meals: Breakfast

Transportation: By hydrofoil

Distance:  1:15 h

Activities: Transfer by public hydrofoil, city tour of Korcula


Time TBA: Today we must have an early start.

  • After breakfast and check-out, our bags will be transferred to the Hvar Ferry terminal

  • We can either walk (10 min) or ride on a golf cart to the terminal for…

8:50 AM: hydrofoil departure to the island of Korcula.

  • The island of Korcula is said to be the birthplace of legendary traveler Marco Polo (although the Italians claim he was born in Italy!)

  • Upon arrival in Korcula, there will be someone to meet us and assist with baggage to our hotel, which is right across from the dock where the

  • hydrofoil drops us off.

  • After check-in, because of early arrival, most probably your rooms will not be ready, so the hotel will hold our luggage then…

  • Our local guide will meet us and take us on an hour-long city walking tour of this jewel of a town. We will learn about the town’s history that

         started in the time of the ancient Greeks and passed to the Romans, then the Venetians. This tour includes a visit to the house where

  • Marco Polo was born, (presumably!).

  • After the city tour, there will be free time allotted for lunch. Along the waterfront, there are many cozy cafes, restaurants and bistros.

  • After lunch, we will return to our hotel

  • The balance of day and evening is free for us to explore this beautiful little Adriatic town.

  • Suggestion: Have a cocktail at the “Tower Bar” where drinks are served in very unique way, they are lifted up to the top of the tower by a pulley!


Day 11-Friday June 20


Accommodation: Liburna Hotel

Meals: Breakfast

Activities: Free day!


10:00: After breakfast:

  • We have a completely free day to enjoy this beautiful place! Our hotel is a 10-minute walk into the town of Korcula

  • We will make suggestions of excursions you may want to enjoy

  • An optional special dinner will be offered. Details TBA


Day 12-Saturday June 21


Accommodation: (1 night) Waterfront Boutique Hotel Mediterranean, Budva 4-star

Meals: Breakfast

Transportation: By public hydrofoil and private vehicle

Distance:  2:50 hours

Activities: Hydrofoil transfer to Dubrovnik, and to Montenegro and a walking tour


  • 10:00: After breakfast and check-out our baggage will be transferred to the Ferry Terminal

  • 10:30: Our hydrofoil to Dubrovnik departs, the ride is just about 2 hours.

  • Upon arrival in Dubrovnik, a private transfer with baggage handling, we will proceed directly to Budva, Montenegro. This is about a 2:00 hr drive with a border crossing.

  • Upon arrival in Budva, we will check into our hotel, then we will…

  • Take a walking tour of Budva

  • After the tour, the afternoon and evening are free to enjoy beautiful Budva


About Budva

Budva is a small lovely Mediterranean town with tiny cobblestone streets dotted with boutique shops, cafes and galleries, enjoy!


About the country, Montenegro

Montenegro is a relatively small country, a population of just about 400,000. Montenegro was part of former Yugoslavia along with Croatia but

today they are separate countries with the same language, mentality, and a similar history. While Croatia is a member of both NATO and EU,

Montenegro is the only member of NATO with aspiring hopes to become also a member of the EU. Interestingly, even though not a member of EU,

Montenegro like Croatia, has adopted Euro as its national currency.

Day 13-Sunday June 22


Accommodation: (2 nights) Waterfront Boutique, Hotel More (mo-reh) 5-star

About Hotel More (“More” means the sea in Croatian) Hotel More is located about 3 miles from the Old Town. It is a unique hotel in many ways. It is set on the cliff, Hotel More is known for its unique Cave Bar, a "must-visit" place for every visitor to Dubrovnik.


Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Transportation: By private vehicle

Distance:  75 mi (about 2:00 hour drive)

Activities: Full-day tour of Montenegro, dinner at a Family Village Retreat with homegrown vegetable garden, their own bottled wine and spirits

and a cooking demonstration


10:00: After breakfast and check out:

  • Meet in the lobby of our hotel for a full day touring of Montenegro with a private local, Montenegrin guide. She will lead us through this

  • beautiful coastal and mountainous country and show us most of the interesting towns, sites, and attractions.

  • Our tour includes: visiting the most important attractions such as the Bay of Kotor, the city of Kotor, Sv. Stefan Aman Resort town, Mt. Lovcen

         and the medieval capital of Cetinje. The newest attraction is Porto Montenegro, a deep-sea marina, housing some of the largest and most

  • luxurious yachts of the world’s rich and famous.

  • During the tour, time will be allotted at a cozy place for a Montenegrin lunch.

  • After extensive touring of Montenegro, in the late afternoon, we will head back to Croatia

  • Soon after the border crossing to Croatia, our driver will take a rural road to a little village in Konavle Valley. Konavle Valley is Dubrovnik’s

         breadbasket and many agricultural farms and vineyards are located. Here we will have dinner together…


Time TBA: FARWELL DINNER: Will be at a Family Village Retreat just outside of Dubrovnik.

  • After dinner, we will be driven to our hotel. Top off the evening with a drink at the CAVE BAR at our hotel!


About our Farewell dinner

“Cousin Katarina”, dressed in traditional local Croatian costume will take us first to her family cellar (konoba) and offers welcome drinks- home-made

liquors and grape schnapps along with homemade prosciutto, cheeses, jams, and other homemade delicacies.  Then she will take us to a family

organic garden to pick our vegetables for dinner as well as lettuce and fruit, in season. Our hostess then holds a cooking demonstration and

encourages guests to participate in preparing the meal. She is eager to teach how to make some prized Croatian recipes.


Here cooking is done in the ancient, traditional, almost forgotten, Croatian way known as "ispod peke" or on open fire. The kitchen is fairly big with

one entire wall an open fireplace. The fire is fueled by natural wood, hickory, and mesquite, and then the food is put in pans and covered by iron bells.

All this is buried under chunks of hot wood. Once the food is done, pans are brought to the table and the iron bell removed.


Dinner will be served and we will sit with members of the family, kids, grandparents, host, hostess Katarina, maybe even a cat and a pair of turtles.

The food is complimented by homemade family reserve wine that is from the family vineyard, not for commercial use but strictly for family

consumption. Cousin Katarina will entertain you during the dinner by telling stories about family, noble members of family and ancestors, and

episodes of history dating back to Ottoman times more than 400 years ago. This experience will give us a glimpse into an authentic Croatian

family's everyday life and struggles as well as their joy and appreciation for what they have. This event will be one of the highlights of our trip.


Day 14-Monday June 23


Accommodation: Waterfront Boutique Hotel More

Meals: Breakfast

Transportation: N/A

Distance:  N/A

Activities: City tour of Dubrovnik


10:00: After breakfast:

  • We will meet in the lobby for a city tour of Old Town (2 hours). Our “cousin” local guide Rose, will tell us about the turbulent history of this

          city-republic and will take us to most of the historical monuments and attractions. She will also show us sites of GOT and Star Wars filming.

  • The tour will end at the Dubrovnik Cable Car station and the evening is free to enjoy.

  • Suggestion:  If you wish, you can take a cable car to Mt. Srdj just above the city. There is a very nice restaurant “Panorama” on the top with

          not only a spectacular view of the city below but also a delightful dinner.  The restaurant serves some of the best Mediterranean cuisine

          in the region.

  • Return to the hotel on your own. FYI, Uber and taxi fares are under $10.


Day 15 June 24


Meals: Breakfast

Transportation: By private vehicle to the airport in Dubrovnik (most international flights leave in the morning)

Distance: 18miles (30 min)

Activities: Transfer to DBV Airport time TBA

Buffet breakfast at our hotel, followed by group transfer to Dubrovnik (DBV) airport for homebound flights




Good Bye Beautiful Croatia and fellow


Happy Traveler US'


until our next adventure!

Cost of this wonderful trip:


Land only based on *25 participants, per person based on double occupancy in standard rooms (upgrades available) 4-and 5-star accommodations…




*Please note: In the case we do not have 25 participants the fee will increase by $500 per person.


All rates per person, land only, based on twin or double-bedded rooms

based on a minimum of 25 paying participants 


If you would like a private, single room there is an additional fee of $1,685.

If you would like to have a roommate and do not have one we will try to find one for you, though we can not guarantee this.

If a roommate is not available then the participant must incur the single supplement fee.


NOW if interested as this trip is based on a first come first serve basis


Please note:

Though highly unlikely,  and only as needed for the benefit of the group, The Happy Traveler US reserves the right to change accommodations, routes, itinerary, or anything else deemed necessary due to closers, illness, acts of God, war,

unknown or unannounced closures, etc.  

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