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Dr. Rosemary Swade

Creator and tour director of The Happy Traveler US.

Rosemary Swade fell in love with travel as a foreign exchange student in Japan when she was 17 years old. As a college student she studied abroad in England and Italy. As a college professor, author of five books on effective communication, national and international communication consultant, she has worked and traveled abroad for many years.

Since 1997 Rosemary has led educational groups on international adventures. Coupled with personal and professional travel experience she created and led dozens of trips all over Western Europe in duration from 4 days to 4 months. Rosemary has a wealth of practical travel experience and designs unique travel packages for Happy Travelers. She is enthusiastic to share important touristic and historical sights not to be missed. She delights in helping others discover sights and experiences off the beaten path, known to locals.

As a tour leader her passion for travel and appreciation for peoples of the world, their culture and history, will be infectious!

Each Happy Traveler US trip is created personally by Rosemary Swade. All travel has been carefully planned with participants mind so they can enjoy the culture, literature, history and beauty of the places we visit.

Happy Travel US programs are created for the love of travel and delight in spending time with fellow travelers that are a pleasure to be in the company of!

The Happy Traveler US in concert with Club Europa 

a fully bonded and insured travel company for the past 50 years has created successful music, academic and cultural programs all over the world. Club Europa agrees to use bonded licensed operators for all travel arrangements and agrees to provide a certificate of insurance evidencing their own liability insurance for The Happy Traveler US.

What Makes The Happy Traveler US Special?

Personal Service

The Happy Traveler US offers thoughtfully designed and tailored international travel adventures for boutique sized groups. We are based in Long Beach, California with Happy Traveler US support team members in Illinois, Tennessee, Italy, Ireland, Holland, Turkey and Austria. Trips are land only and all inclusive, allowing you to experience the best of every country visited in comfort with the security of knowing you are being taken care of as you enjoy traveling... happily!  

Mission Statement:

The Happy Traveler US

Specializes- In creating and leading travel trips for small groups of people who wish to explore our wonderful world with friendly joy filled companions.

Measurable Results-From our loyal repeat customers!

Since 1997 participant

feedback and testimonials prove outstanding customer


Assistance-We are dedicated to assisting clients with their travel needs. Any issues that occur will be handled with grace and ease. Through our trusted travel affiliates we are happy to offer suggestions for air tickets and travel insurance. We are happy to be of service!

Reliable- You can count on us to do our best to provide you with a joy filled interesting experience and take good care of you and your travel needs.

Time and Care-Will always be taken so you can enjoy the wonderful places we visit with grace and ease to the best of our ability. Those who travel with The Happy Traveler US have a wonderful time with delightful travel companions! Usually our trips last in duration from four days to three weeks. 

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