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Cancellation Policy


The Happy Traveler US Cancellation and Other Policies


If The Happy Traveler US cancels the trip for any reason, you will receive a full refund on all monies paid to The Happy Traveler US. If you wish to cancel your participation on this trip, you need to inform The Happy Traveler US by email, note: “cancellation date” is the day The Happy Traveler US has received your written notice. Please beware of the cancellation dates and penalties which can be seen below.

Travel Insurance is recommended.

Cancellation Policy for Croatia with The Happy Traveler US

July 15-September 25, 2023                            Full refund no penalty


September 26-November 16, 2023             Refund less $800.00 plus any other *non-recoverable costs


November 17-March 15, 2024                       Penalty is $3,000 plus any other *non-recoverable costs


As of April 1, 2024                                                   No refund is available



Covid-19 and other health issues, Policy


Trip participants must follow the health and Covid policies of all countries visited and in the USA. At the time of writing (October 2022) these countries have no vaccination, testing, or quarantine requirements for travelers or Covid-positive individuals. The Happy Traveler US will inform participants of any changes in Covid-related restrictions before the trip.


• If a trip participant contracts Covid-19 or becomes ill during the tour they will NOT be required to leave the group. Please consult with Rosemary Swade and Dimitrji Wentner to decide for themselves what their best course of action should be. Such actions might include leaving the group, or continuing the trip with social distancing, mask-wearing, and skipping group meals.


• The Happy Traveler US or Rosemary Swade or  Mediterra the contracting company that assists with all ground elements of this program. will not refund trip participants for any portion of the trip missed due to Covid or any other reason. If a participant must stay in a location longer than the scheduled itinerary for any reason The Happy Traveler US or Rosemary Swade or Mediterra will not be responsible for any accommodations, transportation, air, or any other costs the participant may incur.


• Participants should seek reimbursement from their travel insurance carrier for any medical costs, or for trip cancellation or trip interruption. Travel insurance claims require written advice from a physician that you should cancel your trip.

The Happy Traveler US Responsibility 

The program participant agrees that The Happy Traveler US and Mediterra assumes no liability whatsoever for loss of property, injury, accident, illness, death, irregularity, or any delays during the duration of the tour. In addition, the program participant agrees to hold The Happy Travelers US and Mediterra harmless for damage and delay due to equipment problems, quarantine, declared or undeclared war and insurrection, terrorist and criminal activity, revolt, civil disturbance, hostility, military action, strikes, labor unrest, any “act of God” or nature and for any act of any third party. The participant, by registering for this tour, agrees that Mediterra The Happy Traveler US is not responsible for delay, rerouting, omission, and additional expense resulting from the passenger’s improper travel documents such as passport, visa, and health document. Any losses and expenses related to such circumstances are within the responsibility of the program participants and not of The Happy Traveler US and Mediterra. The Happy Traveler US and Mediterra are  not responsible for acts of any government authority. The Happy Traveler US and Mediterra reserve the right to adjust the itinerary and contents and to substitute accommodation providers as deemed necessary. The Happy Traveler US and Mediterra reserve the right to accept or decline any person as a program participant as well as to refuse to retain any participant’s membership in the program. Participants that do not participate in an activity or entry, or who leave the tour early or arrive late, for any reason, will not be entitled to any refund. By registering for this tour, the participant agrees to all such terms and conditions.

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